Smamble 4.0

Join us on Wednesday at 6pm to see what our intrepid Smamblers have been creating. If you can’t make it tonight at 6, the link will bring you to the show any time after then, so you can always check it out.


Our 3rd Virtual Smamble Night will debut on Weds 12/9 at 6pm on YouTube. The link is below. Rio’s Small Ensemble class is the only one of its kind in the USA. Join us to see what our intrepid Smamblers have been creating as distance learning stretches on, and on…

Smamble 2.0

Join us to see what our Small Ensemble class has been working on. Click the link below for the show at 6pm on Tuesday 11/10, or ANY time afterward. Enjoy!

Rio Band Wear is Here!

Order your Rio Band wear today!  New this year are lounge pants, long sleeve shirts and a microfleece zip-up.  As always, Rio Band t-shirts and the hoodie sweatshirt. Go to the Rio Band shop  and place your orders.    Deadline is November 6, 2020.

SMAMBLE Wednesday 10/14 @ 6pm

Please join us for the premier of our first virtual Smamble video of the 2020-21 academic school year.  Smamble is a music class where upper class student musicians form different groups to create a wide variety of music. Smamble allows students to explore various musical styles, play different instruments, or generate other creative musical ideas.  … Read more